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Lewis N. Johnson (Johansson)
Genealogy and historical site for descendants of Lewis N. Johnson family

Ellen and Lewis N. Johnson 1886.
Ellen and Lewis N. Johnson, 1886

Lewis N. Johnson (Johansson) emigrated from Sweden to Minnesota in 1867 when the American Civil War was just over. A central contribution to this web site is Memoirs of mother – the dramatic story about Lewis N. Johnson and Nels Jenson (Nils Jönsson/Nels Johnson) families' emigration written by Kenneth E. Nelson – grandson of Lewis N. Johnson and his second wife.

We do not know for sure Lewis N. Johnson's Swedish first name of birth. His surname was Johansson.

His father in law Nels Jenson's Swedish name of birth was Nils Jönsson, and his official U.S. surname became Johnson.

Lewis N. Johnson (born July 14, 1842)

Louis, Luis or Levi are possible first names in Sweden before emigration. Other possible first names may have been Ludvig or Ludwig, which are Swedish and German versions of the french name Louis. In America he spelled his name Lewis N. Johnson. Lewis died June 13, 1894 in Maynard, Chippewa County in western Minnesota.

Lewis and his first wife (name unknown) and two daughters (names unknown), age two and four years at the time they emigrated (1867), were from Sweden. The main theory is that they came from Malmöhus County. Malmöhus County became from 1997 a part of today's Skåne County (Eng.: Skane).

Lewis N. Johnson and his family arrived America about the same time (on the same ship?) as the Nels Jenson family of 10 children, one of them named Elna Nilsdotter in Sweden. Elna was born on December 25, 1845 at Vollsjö in Sjöbo Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. She died on August 5, 1936 in Maynard, Minnesota. Elna became Lewis N. Johnson's second wife and spelled her name Ellen N. Johnson both before and after marriage in the U.S.