Elmer Arbie Johnson
Last updated: Novmber 13, 2018

Elmer Arbie Johnson (b. about 1891 in Leenthrop, Maynard, d. March 8, 1940).

Elmer Johnson went to St. Paul and worked with his oldest brother Henry for a few years. Then he left for Seminary training (Southern Baptist) in Louisville, Kentucky where he graduated. He became a Baptist minister. He had stigma with the northern Baptists and had a harder time finding a job in the north. His ministry seemed to have been cut off as he died in 1940 of an earlier injury which caused a tumor on the head.

Theresa and Elmer Johnson
Elmer Johnson married Theresa Boberg (b. circa 1897, Minnesota). Both her parents were born in Sweden (source: Federal Cencus 1930).

Elmer was a Baptist minister (clergyman) of profession.

In 1930 the family lived in Winona, Minnesota (source: U.S. Federal Census 1930).

As a widow Theresa Johnson lived in Rome, Georgia (source: The story "Memoirs of mother" written by Kenneth E. Nelson 1964–1965). The story can be downloaded here: http://storflor.no/johnson/images/memoirs_of_mother.pdf.

In the story Memoirs of mother it is written about Elmer: "His wife, Theresa, lives in Rome, Georgia near her son Donald. Lee, the oldest son is in California and Roger is a missionary in the Philippine Islands."


1) Lee E. Johnson (b. circa 1919 in Minnesota). Source: U.S. Federal Census 1930.

Lee moved to California. Source: "Memoirs of mother".

Lee married Irma. Children of Irma and Lee: Lars. Source: www.geni.com.

2) Roger W. Johnson (b. circa 1925 in Minnesota). Source: U.S. Federal Census 1930.

Roger W. Johnson (Roger Johnson Sr) was missionary in the Philippine Islands. Source: "Memoirs of mother".

Roger married Jeananne Carroll. They had several children. Source: www.geni.com.

3) Donald Edward Johansson (b. March 15, 1927 in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia, United States d. November 10, 2015). U.S. Federal Census 1930 claims incorrectly that he was born in Minnesota. Donald Edward Johansson found old letters as late as 1940 using the surname Johansson on his father's father Lewis N. Johnson. Donald concluded that Lewis N. Johnson came to the United States as a Johansson. For this reason the Donald E. Johnson family changed their surname to Johansson.

Donald lived in or nearby Rome, Georgia while his mother still was alive. Source: "Memoirs of mother". Last registered place of living (2015): Tobaccoville, North Carolina.

Donald married Patricia Adams. Children of Patricia and Donald: Christopher Harrison Johansson, and Melissa Johnson Wallace. Source: Donald's profile on www.geni.com established by himself.