Annie Elizabeth Johnson

Annie Elizabeth Nelson in c. 1960
Annie E. Nelson c. 1960

Annie Elizabeth Johnson (b. March 5, 1874 in Maynard) grew up in Maynard, Minnesota. Her second name has also been spelled Elisabeth.

Annie and Andrew P. Nelson

Annie Elizabeth L. Johnson (b. March 5, 1874 in Maynard, d. 1966) married Andrew P. Nelson (b. 1873, d. 1941).

The family had a farm near Montevideo in Chippewa County, Minnesota. They bought steers in Hysham, Montana and brought them to his farm where he raised them, then sold them for beef on the market.

The family had their home in:
Leenthrop, Chippewa, Minnesota (1905 U.S. Federal Census)

Leenthrop, Chippewa, Minnesota (1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 U.S. Federal Census)

Annie and Andrew were buried in Maynard (ref. Leenthrop Memorial Cemetery).

A son of theirs, minister Kenneth E. Nelson wrote the booklet Memoirs of mother when his mother Annie was 90 years old.


1) Leland (Seland?) W Nelson (b. 1904, 1905, or 1906)

2) Amy E Nelson (b. 1905, 1906, or 1907)

3) Eunice O Nelson (b. 1907, 1908, or 1909)

4) Kenneth E. Nelson (b. 1908, 1909, or 1910 on the farm near Montevideo, Chippewa County). Kenneth became a Baptist minister in Connecticut. He married Winefred (b. circa 1914). In 1940 Winefred and Kenneth lived with no children in Leenthrop Township, Chippewa, Minnesota (ref.: 1940 U.S: Federal Census). In 1964 Kenneth wrote the story Memoirs of mother. This story tells about Annie E. Nelson, her parents Ellen and Lewis N. Johnson with children, and Ellen's parents' Mrs. and Mr. Nels Jenson with children. It describes the emigration from Sweden late in the 1860s and the new life on the prairie.

5) Alvenia (Elvinia?) E Nelson (b. 1911, 1912, or 1913)