"I remember as a boy my elders talking about
how Swedes from the province of Skone in Sweden
felt or were considered better off or superior.
There was a song that went, 'In Skone, in Skone,
they dip their bread in honey...'
Malmo, from where my grandpa came, is in Skone."

Kenneth J. Johnson
Bismarck, N. Dakota November 27, 1990



Skåne (map) is the southernmost county of Sweden. Nels Jenson family had their home here before they emigrated to America in 1867. Lewis N. Johnson family came probably from Skåne as well. Nels Jenson family had their home in Vollsjö, Färs Härad in Malmöhus County (map). Malmöhus County (Swedish: Malmöhus län) was a county of Sweden until 1997, when it merged with Kristianstad County to form today's Skåne County.

Malmö city
Malmö city in Skåne County (map) is located on the west coast of the county. Malmö is the county capitol and one of the most inhabited cities in Sweden today as well as then, in 1867, when our ancestors left their homeland (probably from Malmö harbour) to start a new life in America. The number of citizens in the urban area of Malmö is approx. 258 000 (2005).

Vollsjö in Sjöbo – Ellen N. Johnson's home town
Vollsjö in Färs härad (today's Sjöbo Municipality) is the place from were Lewis Johnson's wife, Ellen came. Vollsjö (map) is located at rural inland of Skåne.

Lewis N. Johnson's home town in Sweden
Yet we do not know for sure from where in Sweden Lewis N. Johnson came. The main theory is Skåne County.