Caroline Charlotte and Charles Hartung
Last updated: June 24, 2014

Charles Gottfried Hartung (b. November 19, 1838 in Bollstedt, District Mühlhausen, Thüringen, Germany, d. September 14, 1933 in Cologne, Carver County, Minnesota, or in Dahlgren Township, Carver County, Minnesota, 94 years and 10 months of age). He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Carver, Carver County, Minnesota (source: Mount Hope Cemetery).

After the Napoleonic Wars 1803 to 1815, the city Mühlhausen was part of the Prussian Province of Saxony.

Emigration to United States and active duty in Civil War
Charles immigrated in United States in 1861 (source: 1900 U.S. Federal Census)
for service in Union Army in the American Civil War. (Charles' granddaughter Charlotta Goetze claimed that Charles left Germany for the U.S. in 1862.)

Charlotta Goetze wrote around 1970: «He enlisted in the Sixth Minnesota Volunteer infantry and fought in the Civil War. He was in the South 3 years. headed south. He was in battles around Chickamauga, the siege and capture of Chattanooga, Mission Ridge, Pisaca, New Hope Church, Smyrna Church, Peach Tree Creek, and was with Sherman during the siege and capture of Atlanta, Ga. He saw strenuous service until the close of the Georgia campaign. He was given an honorable discharge, having served his adopted country faithfully and well during the darkest hour of its history."

Homesteaded in Minnesota
Charles' service in the Union Army earned him citizenship in the United States. He located first in Laketown, then in Dahlgren township, Carver County, Minnesota in 1867. At last he had 320 acres of land in Dahlgren.

Spellings and changes of names
Charles' name of birth in Germany was Charles Gottfried Hartung. In 1900 U.S. Federal Census their names are written Charles Hartung and Charlotta Hartung. On the gravestone their names are written Carl Hartung and Caroline Charlotte Hartung (Mount Hope Cemetery, Carver, Carver County, Minnesota).

Marriage and children
On October 2, 1871 Charles Hartung married Caroline Charlotte Anhalt (b. November 13, 1847 in Mühlhausen in Province of Saxony, Germany, d. February 17, 1924, 77 years of age) in Dahlgren township, Carver County, Minnesota. Caroline emigrated from Germany in 1871 (source: 1900 U.S. Federal Cencus).

Caroline and Charles Hartung had their home in Dahlgren Township, Carver County, Minnesota. They had ten children born to them (main source:

1) Gustav Rufinius Hartung (b. August 10, 1872). Another first name spelling seen: Gustave and Gustavi.

2) Bertha Hartung (b. October 5, 1873). Got married and lived in Carver County, Minnesota.

3) Charles (Carl, Karl) Hartung (b. January 13, 1875). His nickname was Charlie. He migrated to Bertha in northern Minnesota. Charlie owned a hardware store. He married Caroline. They has two children. Their son lived in Bertha and took over the family business.

4) Edward (Edmund) Hartung (b. March 30, 1877, d. December 29, 1960). Married, number of children was at least three.

5) Charlotta Hartung Goetze (b. July 31, 1878 in Dahlgren township, Carver County, Minnesota, d. December 6, 1973). Nicknames: Lottchen and Lottie. She married Robert Julius Goetze. Name after marriage: Charlotta Hartung Goetze. More about Charlotta and Robert Goetze here...

6) Berthold Hartung (b. February 2, 1880). Businessman.

7) Emma Hartung (b. September 9, 1881). Got married with JAPS (source: Johnson family pedigree chart). Lived in Redwood, Minnesota. Emma was buried in New Jersey State, United States (source: Johnson family pedigree chart).
Note in Johnson family pedigree chart: "Emma/Clara = sisters?)

8) Otto Hartung (b. November 20, 1884). Inherited the farm, the original homestead in Carver County and lived there.

9) Rudolph Hartung (b. March 3, 1887). Farmer. Homesteaded in northern Minnesota.

10) William (Willie) Hartung (b. June 22, 1889). Farmer. Had a farm right near his brother Otto's farm in Carver County.

xx) August Hartung? (source: Johnson family pedigree chart). The existence of this possible son is not verified.