Xanthe and Jon Arne's cabin, lot and scenery

Krenglåthaugen, Trollheimen

Xanthe, Ravn David, and Jon Arne at Krenglåthaugen (2006).

Ravn David enjoys the view from our lot (2004).

The lot was in 2004 occupied by a pregnant lizzard (pictured) and a nesting warbler family

Water coming from a well in the hillside 50 m from the lot (2004)

The view from the lot towards the mountain Trollhøtta (2004)


Jon Arne's brother, Bjarte, enjoying three of the moust alpine mountains seen from the cabin area.
From left: Neådalssnota, Salen, Snota, and parts of Trollhøtta (2005)

The view towards Snausstabben photographed from the lot by Ravn David (2004)

The view towards west from above the treeline at Resliberget. The cabin will be located at the top of
the birch covered hill you see in front of the brown bog in the background.
At left in the picture you can see parts of the roof of the cabin Jon Arne's brother Bjarte built in 2004

Xanthe was very interested in the cabin project
and the scenery (see picture below...)

Xanthe sleeping while her husband is enjoying the scenery (2004)

Brother Bjarte's cabin after a snowfall early summer 2004. Note the green birch leaves in the snowy scenery! A weird combination.



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